ETL migration

The top 3 questions in a cloud migration project


  • Which platform?
  • Snowflake, DataBricks, Bigquery, Azure, GCP, AWS?
  • What is the tech stack? python, scala, SQL?
  • ELT? ETL? hybrid?
  • Which integrations would we need?
  • How do we orchestrate?


  • What are the data entities?
  • Which pipelines?
  • Which workflows?
  • What data sources and targets?


  • Decide on the strategy for each technology
  • Manual rewrite?
  • Automation?
  • How do we regression test?

Use DataYoga to Migrate Your Legacy ETL to The Cloud!

DataYoga is your partner, simplifying the migration of legacy ETL processes to the cloud. Our platform specifically caters to the nuanced demands of businesses undergoing ETL transformation

Automatic Conversion

Accelerate your cloud migration projects by automating over 90% of the process and 100% of the validations, significantly reducing the time to completion and enhancing your return on investment. This robust automation strategy minimizes human errors and ensures a higher quality migration, facilitating a smooth and reliable transition to any cloud platform.

automated conversion
migration to snowflake, databricks, bigquery, dbt

Migrate Anywhere

Convert to all leading cloud DBs, ETL, and ELT frameworks, including Snowflake, DataBricks, Bigquery, and DBT.

Our platform ensures precise migration and enhances your system’s performance with target-specific configurations, making the most of your specific cloud database’s capabilities. This approach not only optimizes cloud efficiency and scalability but also significantly boosts your operational efficiency. Your data pipelines will be robust and ready for future technological advancements.

Minimize Risk

Minimize the risks associated with manual conversions. A built-in validation process is automatically created for each transformation, checking the integrity and consistency of data, ensuring any potential issues are identified and resolved early. Our preliminary assessments detect potential obstacles before the migration begins, allowing for timely and effective planning. This proactive approach not only maintains the quality and reliability of your data infrastructure but also minimizes downtime and operational disruptions.

minimize risk

How It Works

Use DataYoga to assess your current ETL's migration complexity, then migrate with ease to any leading cloud

how DataYoga works

Migration Process


Comprehensive analysis for informed migration


Our assessment process identifies all data sources, data targets, lookup entities, transformations, and expression types, producing a detailed report that classifies the complexity of each pipeline.


Parse and process pipelines


Rewire passive transformations into a streamlined, linear flow and transform all blocks into our proprietary, target-agnostic format. This ensures that piplines are ready to be optimized for any cloud environment in the subsequent rendering step.


Generate artifacts in specific dialect


Artifacts are generated tailored to specific cloud targets, ensuring accurate dialect translation and optimization. This process meticulously adapts your pipelines to the unique requirements and capabilities of your chosen cloud platform.


Ensuring data consistency


During this stage, all rendered artifacts are verified to function correctly and that data entities align precisely with those in the target database. Using automated comparison tools, the new pipelines are regression tested to ensure a full match with the legacy system.


End-to-end regression testing


Rendered artifacts are executed in the cloud platform. A detailed comparison is conducted of the target data entities with those from the legacy pipelines. This final verification ensures that the migration not only aligns perfectly with operational requirements but also maintains data integrity.

Have a project in mind?

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